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Limited Companies
New Business
Flexible Charges
Email: mail@staiteandsons.co.uk?subject=Enquiry from Website
Email: mail@staiteandsons.co.uk?subject=Enquiry from Website
We are pleased to offer a range of flexible payment options
including, Fixed Fee, Monthly, Quarterly or Annual payments.

Estate Planning

Will your affairs be in order when you die?  Will your estate
be subject to Inheritance Tax?  Don’t leave your loved
ones with worries and unnecessary legal fees.

Let us regain control of your personal financial records and
assess your exposure to Inheritance Tax.

Are you prepared for Self Assessment?

From 6th April 2017 H M Revenue and Customs will issue
notices to complete Tax Returns to those already registered
for Self Assessment for the year ended 5th April 2017.  

If you are not registered for Self Assessment and you have
income from savings, investments, rental property or you
or your partner have income over £50,000 and are in receipt
of child benefit, please call us to to check if you need to
complete a Tax Return.  


We can assist you with the completion of your Self Assessment Tax Return for:



Limited Companies

We will submit your return electronically to H.M. Revenue & Customs and calculate your Tax and National Insurance liabilities and advise you of forthcoming payments due.

While completing your Tax Return we constantly look at ways to improve your situation.

We also offer the following taxation services:

Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax advice

H.M. Revenue and Customs Enquiries

PAYE, VAT and CIS Returns

Repayment Claims


Tax Planning and Mitigation

We encourage you to keep your affairs up to date ensuring you meet filing deadlines, make the most of any tax planning opportunities and prepare for impending liabilities.